Old West Wanted Poster

    wanted poster

  • wanted notice: a public announcement by a law enforcement agency that they desire to question or arrest some person
  • A wanted poster (or wanted sign) is a poster put up to let the public know of an alleged criminal whom authorities wish to apprehend. They will generally include either a picture of the alleged criminal when a photograph is available, or of a facial composite image produced by a police artist.

    old west

  • The American Old West (often referred to as the Old West or Wild West) comprises the history, geography, people, lore, and cultural expression of life in the Western United States, most often referring to the period of the later half of the 19th century, between the American Civil War and the
  • The Old West is a series of books about the fundamental founding of the American West, published by Time-Life Books from 1973 through 1980. Each book focused on a different topic, such as cowboys, Indians, gamblers and gunfighters.

old west wanted poster

Justin Bieber 'WANTED'

Justin Bieber 'WANTED'
I looked at real old time wanted posters and tried to make my one similar to it (:

Photo belongs to the rightful owner.
Edited by myself.


Wanted poster on some alley wall in downtown Springfield Mo.

old west wanted poster

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